Suffolk is proud to have twelve National Collections held by eleven dedicated holders. They are all listed below. Please click on the collection name for more information and pictures.



Aesculus: Mr R Grimsey of Ashfield-cum-Thorpe

Campanula – Alpines: Mrs S Wooster of Langham

Dianthus (Malmaison): Mr J M Marshall of Shelley

Dianthus (Perpetual flowering Carnations bred and registered in the UK before 1970):
 Mr J M Marshall of Shelley

Equisetum: Mr A C Pigott of Mendlesham

Erysimum – Perennial: Dr Simon Weeks of Walpole

Euonymus (deciduous): Mr Rupert Eley of East Bergholt

Hosta: Mr & Mrs Milton of Mickfield

Iris (Sir Cedric Morris introductions): Ms S Cook of Shelley

Muehlenbeckia (New Zealand Species and Varieties): Mr J Michalak of Burgate

Suffolk Garden Plants (20th Century Hardy): The Suffolk Punch Trust of Hollesley

Syringa: Mr & Mrs C Chapman